We invest
in our employees
to benefit our customers

Everything we do is focused on creating an environment where our team and their ideas can thrive

Why employee ownership matters

From day one, Visionist’s founding team of seven engineers and analysts committed to sharing the success of the company with those who drive it – our employees. Our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) is on track to become Visionist’s largest shareholder, and we want you to be part of it.

Visionist prides itself on serving its employees. Company milestones are an achievement for every employee – from contract wins to celebrating milestone anniversaries in Punta Cana. The ESOP provides the financial stability to take over ownership when founders decide to retire instead of selling the company, one of many reasons why Visionist is not for sale.

Our core values

Visionist’s core values guide our decisions, communicate our goals, and most importantly, hold us accountable. (Hover or tap each core value for details)

Employees first

Visionist's true value lies in the achievements of our employees, and they will always be our top priority. We recognize that valuing our employees above all else will lead to satisfied customers.

Hire great people and trust them

Every candidate we hire must meet our high standards, with a premium placed on communication, collaboration, and enthusiasm just as much as technical ability. We trust our employees to make good decisions and do what's right for our customers, our company, and our team.

Do meaningful, focused work

We are selective in the work we pursue, focusing on building teams of like-minded individuals who collaboratively solve our customers' toughest challenges.

The details matter

We pay attention to details that positively impact our employees, including the design of our offices, our benefits package, and empowering the team to weigh in on corporate strategy.

Look out for the team

Our culture and environment focus on supporting each other, celebrating success, and learning from our experiences. Employees know that our leadership cares about their wellbeing and that their peers are there to collaborate with them, not compete.

Operate with transparency

New employees are often surprised by the amount of information that Visionist leadership shares within the company. We recognize that Visionist's strategic goals require buy-in from our entire team, and as employee-owners, they deserve to see the big picture.

Meet our leadership

Chris Berry
Visionist President

Chris' track record for success is rooted in building teams, empowering employees, and always looking for ways to make things better. On any given day, you'll find Chris meeting with Visionist's customers, recapping the last Ravens game with our team members, offering his input on a marketing plan, or reviewing finances with our finance team. As busy as his schedule sounds, you'll never be discouraged from walking into his office to share your thoughts, raise a concern, or ask for advice.

Chris started his career as a software developer, systems engineer, and project manager at the National Security Agency. He then joined TRW as a Program Manager, and eventually left to start a Maryland office for Impact Science & Technology (IST). In 2010, Chris joined his fellow founders to start Visionist with the goal of building a successful, self-sustaining company that can attract the best engineers/designers/analysts and compete with companies both big and small.

Brian Lehman
Visionist Vice President of Engineering

Brian is a visionary technologist who can solve hard problems in the most creative ways. He brings a unique combination of expertise in data science, analytics, signal processing, visualization, and software engineering to guide Visionist's engineering efforts and career development program. Brian has held key leadership roles on many of Visionist's most successful programs, and his ability to apply our team's expertise to new problem domains has brought recognition and notoriety in the healthcare and sports analytics fields. In 2010, Brian joined Chris Berry as a Visionist founder. His unwavering passion for data-driven solutions, employee engagement, and smart growth are critical to our ongoing success.

Jim Orndorff
Visionist Vice President of Strategy

Visionist's employee owners overwhelmingly favor smart growth, strong relationships with industry partners, and pursuing work that is both rewarding and meaningful. Jim is our key to realizing those goals. He brings unparalleled hands-on experience building highly functioning teams, fostering open and honest communication, mentoring a new generation of business leaders, and continuously improving operations. Jim helps Visionist be great by always looking for ways to make it better. Jim joined Visionist in 2015 to serve as our lead for customer and industry engagement, business development, and proposal activities.

Understanding managers and passionate coworkers. No meetings that should be emails.
Visionist was my first choice for employers!
I would say if I had to choose any company to spend 8+ hours of my day I would pick Visionist 10 times out of 10.
Holiday parties, company trips, and company gatherings. Pay is good and they really don't skimp on anything.
Lots of friendly people very willing to help teach/guide new developers.
Every day I wake up feeling excited about the work I'm doing.
At Visionist, it's been clear that they care about their employees from day one.
Company atmosphere is very open and supportive.
Hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, and team building are valued and appreciated.
Pick a random employee and they'll tell you how employee focused Visionist is.

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