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Small Company, Big Opportunities

Company Career

We have several prime contracts with the Government and over a dozen active contracts, providing opportunities for engineers, analysts, and designers at all skill and leadership levels.

It isn't just interesting work and career growth that Visionist can offer - from family-friendly events to organizing employee-led "teams", we value the relatioships our employees build with each other. At Visionist, you are part of an incredible family of supportive, smart, and fun people.

Employee-Owned, Not for Sale

Our Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) makes every Visionist employee an owner in the company. When Visionist grows, you benefit. We're committed for the long-term - by building a strong pipeline of work and a second-to-none support staff, we're ready to compete with anyone. Selling the company is off the table.

Open Doors,
Open Minds

Visionist prides itself as a diverse, progressive company. You won't see our CEO or VPs in suits, and the preferred method of asking for advice or giving them feedback is to just walk in their offices. As a Visionist, you drive our company culture and the direction we take: our corporate charities are selected by employees, our employees drive many of our growth opportunities, and our company IR&D projects are pitched by and executed by employees.

Work/Life Balance and Great Benefits Top It All Off

Work/life balance is incredibly important to us. We value getting your work done in a 40-hour work week. If our employees need additional hours, they’re always paid for the extra time they invest.

Does your current company survey their employees each year for ways to improve their benefits? Half of the benefits listed below were employee ideas. We're in this together!

Our benefits package reflects our commitment to you and includes things like:

12 paid holidays
comprehensive health coverage
annual performance bonuses
life insurance
tuition reimbursement
parental leave (with take-out meal reimbursement!)
up to 15% retirement contribution
an annual lifestyle/tech/charity stipend, referral bonuses, student loan reimbursement, training/conference reimbursement

Hands-on Internship Opportunities for Students

Still in school? We can help you gain experience collaborating with peers and senior leaders at Visionist to solve real-world challenges. Our internship program runs from June to August each year, and we welcome applicants at any level in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related disciplines.

DOD SkillBridge for Active-Duty Military

We are proud to partner with the DOD SkillBridge Program, providing Active-Duty Military Members with the opportunity to finish their military commitment working alongside Visionist engineering and analysis experts. SkillBridge gives you a head start on the next phase of your career!

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Understanding managers and passionate coworkers. No meetings that should be emails.
Visionist was my first choice for employers!
I would say if I had to choose any company to spend 8+ hours of my day I would pick Visionist 10 times out of 10.
Holiday parties, company trips, and company gatherings. Pay is good and they really don't skimp on anything.
Lots of friendly people very willing to help teach/guide new developers.
Every day I wake up feeling excited about the work I'm doing.
At Visionist, it's been clear that they care about their employees from day one.
Company atmosphere is very open and supportive.
Hard work, creativity, enthusiasm, and team building are valued and appreciated.
Pick a random employee and they'll tell you how employee focused Visionist is.

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