Visionist Inc, Turning Data into Solutions

At Visionist, we are a team of inventive engineers, scientists, and analysts with a genuine desire to solve our clients' most complicated developmental, analytical, and data management needs.

Why Visionist?

In 2010, Visionist was founded with the goal of not only building a successful company but doing it better than the rest. Since the beginning, our customers have come to us with their toughest challenges, seeking new perspectives and unique solutions. To deliver, we’ve built a team of innovators with diverse skills, backgrounds, and passions. By staying true to our values, we offer our employees and clients the best of two worlds: the culture and innovation of a small company with the stability and resources of a large company.

About Us
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The Visionist team sees the value in becoming experts in all facets of our field. This ensures that we deliver the best solutions that we can. We are deeply involved in an array of technical areas which solidifies us as forerunners in innovation and modernization. We believe that specializing in each aspect of the development lifecycle is critical to our success as well as the success of our clients.

What We Do


Visionist strives to offer the most rewarding jobs to our future and current employees. We want them to love what they do just as much as we do. We pride ourselves in our ability to truly understand our employees needs and future career goals.

You are not just a number to us. You are an instrumental part of our success. We are committed to the advancement of those who follow with us on our journey in creating software that changes the world.

Your New Career
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We Are Visionist

Our team loves what they do and who they do it with. We place a heavy emphasis on maintaining the small company feel while doing big company things. We enjoy each other’s company inside and outside of work. We’re a group who has many passions and building software is just one of them. Get to know us and you’ll probably find that you fit right in.

Employee Culture
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