We’re anticipating award of a new prime contract, focusing on big data and analytics!

Visionist wants to prove to you that we’re the best place to find a great balance between variety of opportunities, excellent benefits, and company culture.

Come visit us for an opportunity to hear tech talks (and a few non-tech talks) from Visionists just as passionate about our work (and culture) as we think you’ll be!

We’ll provide refreshments and answer any questions you might have, but our goal is to welcome you (not smother you!), so you won’t be pressured.

Thursday, March 30 4pm-7pm
Visionist HQ (6700 Alexander Bell Drive, 4th Floor)

We are

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We are Visionists

Yes, we are passionate about our work, but we're really a company formed on work hard, play hard principles. There's a lot more to Visionist employees than meets the eye.
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Visionist, Inc.
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