What We Do

We do a lot of great things here, but creating software that changes the world is probably our favorite.

You may never hear of our work, but our solutions are used each day to keep our country safe. We'd like to say that it comes easy, but we put a lot of effort into making sure we provide the best products. In order to do this, and do it well, we have our hands in pretty much everything.



Our customers take Computer Network Operations (CNO) seriously, which means we do too.

Whether researching vulnerabilities, developing exploitation plans, performing forensic analysis, or establishing robust defense against adversarial efforts, our expertise is unsurpassed.


We recognize the tremendous value in the vast amounts of data generated in today’s digital world.

Visionist's cloud engineers and data scientists design, develop, and deliver solutions that integrate advanced statistics and modeling with dynamic and appealing visualizations, allowing users to gain unparalleled insights into their data.

In short, we make sure the data is accurate, useful, and pretty.


User experience is often an afterthought in software development, but not for us.
As students and enthusiasts of the principles of human-computer interaction (HCI), we bring passion to projects that require high-fidelity mockups, intuitive interface design, and non-traditional presentation of data.

We're all users here, so we tend to know what works and what doesn't.

Innovations. Let us show you something new.

While government contracting is our true passion, we don't stop our folks from following theirs. Take a look at some of our employee-driven projects supported by Visionist. Could you be the one to lead our next venture?

TakeBack America helps health practitioners and the public find drug disposal centers and highlight at-risk communities. Our winning entry inspired the Google Maps searchable layer for disposal centers.

About TakeBack

Questioning your favorite team's draft choice? DraftGeM offers some clarity via a revolutionary tool for rating and comparing college football players. We added NFL players too. Nothing else like it exists.

About DraftGeM

WellBearing leverages data from the News and World Report's Healthiest Communities Rankings to explore drivers of disparate health outcomes and overlays data layers to find patterns and correlations.

About WellBearing

TalkTracker enables analysts to visualize real-time dynamic world networks from multiple sources, illustrating emerging issues and trends throughout time. Each piece of data is scored so that the user can quickly identify the most relevant posts.


A Shazam-style approach to identifying and matching signal types rather than music.


Cake provides analysts with a shareable, scalable, user-friendly interface for performing data analysis. If you can follow a recipe you can do data analysis with Cake (minus the guilt of calories).


Grab and Go HoCo, born from the wake of COVID-19, helps to match families in need of meals, and no way of receiving them, with volunteers who have reliable transportation. If you have a car, you can deliver these life-saving meals to your fellow Howard County residents.

About Grab and Go

RecruitGeM, the add on of DraftGeM, focuses on the analytics of high school players to help decipher if they would be a good pick for college teams. This tool finds talent in the most unlikely of places and can analyze if that talent will translate well to on-field college performance.

About RecruitGeM