RecruitGeM builds on our DraftGeM product. Our tool identifies high school players that have true potential to succeed at the next level.

Recruit Smarter

Football intuition and analytics converge to help you identify the talent you need with fewer resources, time, and money.


Deep Bench

We evaluate over 10,000 athletes per class. We identify talent anywhere and everywhere, not just players at well known programs.


Performance Matters

We value performance above all else. Players can't simply look the part, they must prove it on the field. We measure a player's contribution to his team and track development and progress with our weekly updates. 


Go Deep

Quickly access additional insights and popular data sources - size, speed, and strength metrics along with links to Hudl, Rivals, and Twitter to track video, offers, and character.


Proven System

Our methodology has been tuned and validated by former NFL, college, and high school scouts, players, coaches, recruiting coordinators, and agents across the country. We often see things others don’t. We identify hidden talent and warn against players whose athleticism may not translate to on-field performance. Compare our ratings with other recruiting systems.

Flexible Packaging

We offer three affordable subscription plans to support all program levels and budgets. A single login gives your entire recruiting staff and coaches access to our easy to use web client, accessible anytime from anywhere. 

(4 states)

(12 states)

(50 states)

Try It!

Your custom trial account gives you access to the 2019 and 2020 recruiting classes for the entire country. The paid accounts include the 2021, 2022, and 2023 classes from states based on your subscription level. The 2024 class is added after the 2020 season begins.

If you'd like to request a demo or are in need of support, please contact us here.

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