Leadershipand Dedication

The value of a company lies in the leadership and dedication of its employees. We're enthusiastic about the work we do, and our goal is to build and maintain a team of experts that feel the same way.

Our goals are to remain employee-oriented and customer-focused. The key to achieving both is to hire good people.

Technical aptitude is important, but we also emphasize:

  • Creativity and vision anyone can solve a problem by repeating common steps from the past, but true innovation stands out
  • Mission focus it's not buzz to us; we believe in acting as advocates for our customers and placing their best interests above anything else
  • Boldness we refuse to be intimidated by challenges; good engineers want to solve tough problems
  • Team mentality we want our employees to be the ones who encourage a team to work harder, to work smarter, and to work together
  • Eagerness to learn Do you prototype code at home? Are you the team member eager to suggest new (and better) ways of solving old problems?
  • Opportunism we want those who take ownership of their work with positive results, rather than settling for the status quo
  • Passion Are you the developer in your office that lobbies for continuous integration, broader unit test coverage, or more effective meetings, because they're the right thing to do?


Always doing the right thing is not just a catch phrase—we believe it, and we aim to demonstrate it every day.

The rising stars of the software/consulting world are small, agile companies. They encourage creative thinking, comfortable work environments, unconventional solutions to difficult problems, and honesty when things don't go exactly as planned.

We aim to bring these forward-thinking ideals to our industry, and the benefits of those ideals to our customers.

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