Lifestyle Reimbursement Benefit

At Visionist, we always take into account the needs of our workforce. We understand that there has been a lot of change and we have updated one of our benefits to better fit the current needs of our employees. We morphed our existing wellness benefit to cover a broader range of items that will fit everyone’s lifestyle. The revised benefit is now called the Lifestyle Reimbursement benefit. 

You can utilize the semi-annual $300 allowance in the following ways:

  • Tech purchases – You can get reimbursed for “tech” purchases for your home (e.g. purchasing a laptop, smart phone, tablet, router, switch, desktop computer, new monitor, etc.).
  • Fitness related expenses – You can get reimbursed for gym membership fees, exercise classes, and/or exercise equipment.
  • Matching charitable donation – You can make a charitable donation to an approved charity, and Visionist will make a matching contribution.

This is one of many benefits offered to the Visionist team!