Visualization & UX

User experience is often an afterthought in software development. As students and enthusiasts of the principles of human-computer interaction (HCI), we bring a rare skill set to projects that require high-fidelity prototyping, intuitive interface design, and non-traditional presentation of data, especially at high volume and high data rates.

When it comes to user interfaces, details matter—we take pride in producing tools that are as elegant as they are functional. Many of our engineers have spent their careers obsolescing archaic applications with lightweight, usability-focused interfaces for data access and visualization.

We place high value on understanding the user's perspective. You'll find our engineers working side-by-side with analysts, subject matter experts and end-users on a regular and recurring basis.

The breadth of UI technologies we use on a daily basis includes HTML, CSS, JQuery, React, Backbone, WebSockets, WebGL, OpenGL, Java Swing, and many others.

The name Visionist isn't a coincidence—solving the most challenging visualization problems and producing rapid UI prototypes are core competencies that will continue to set us apart as industry leaders.

Analytics and Big Data

Thanks to frameworks like Hadoop and Spark, writing and executing analytics on large data sets is no longer a huge undertaking. So what separates the everyday from the extraordinary? Building trust. Visionist cloud engineers and data science experts understand the differences between presenting a simple answer and persuading users with evidence.

Through a combination of research and development, prototyping, and training, we continuously invest in growing a staff of well-rounded purveyors of data science. Visionists that spend their days focusing on solving our customer's toughest data challenges are doing so with a wealth of knowledge on how that data can be presented in meaningful ways.

Embedded & GPGPU

Our electrical engineers are experts delivering high quality embedded software solutions to our customers in a timely manner. Visionist engineers are experienced in developing embedded software across a range of processors and operating systems, from high end PowerPC and Intel chips running Linux and VxWorks to low power ARM and PIC controllers running resource constrained microkernels. Simply said, we excel at doing a lot with a little.

Complementing our embedded software expertise, our engineers are experienced at developing custom embedded hardware solutions. From rapidly prototyping hardware to developing custom low power, small form factor PCBs, Visionist engineers can pack a lot of functionality into minimal space using a combination of FPGAs, microcontrollers, and other ICs.

In addition to embedded development, Visionist engineers are skilled at debugging embedded devices. Using a variety of open source, commercial, and proprietary software debugging tools, coupled with logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, and other hardware debugging tools, we can disassemble, decompile, and determine exactly what an embedded device is doing and why.

Cyber R&Dand Analysis

Our customers take Computer Network Operations (CNO) seriously, and we support them in their effort to protect our national interests.

When it comes to researching vulnerabilities, developing vulnerability identification and exploitation plans, performing forensic analysis, and establishing robust defense against adversarial efforts, our expertise is unsurpassed. We build robust cybersecurity tools and supply the integration knowhow to ensure that critical infrastructure will remain sound, and critical information will remain protected.

It is often said that the best defense is a good offense; we take every opportunity to put ourselves in adversaries' shoes as a means to evaluate all possible avenues of infiltration.

RF Analysis

We've built highly efficient Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions with dedicated hardware, open source software, and even GPUs. Nowadays, many problems in signal processing can be viewed as creative software challenges, especially when custom hardware demands a high premium.

Each year, commodity GPUs become more and more powerful. In many cases, GPUs offer performance comparable to FPGAs; Visionist engineers are leading efforts to transition from expensive, custom hardware-based solutions to General-Purpose GPU (GPGPU) implementations, saving both time and hardware costs.

Completing those challenges also requires domain expertise. Our signals analysts hold decades of experience in interpreting, decoding, and reverse engineering RF-based communications equipment. The collaboration between signals experts and the best minds in engineering has helped our team produce cutting-edge solutions on shoestring budgets.

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