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Undertsanding Data to Drive Action!

We participated in the 2019 Healthiest Communities Data Challenge ( with the goal to arm communities with a tool that would make it easy to identify patterns and correlations in health related data that could drive action plans for improvement. The impact of our prototype was significant enough to be declared one of the winners.

Find Your County

Search the map for any county and add any data layer to find out more about where you live and the surrounding region. View the ranking assigned by Healthiest Communities or overlay from a variety of health statistics.


Layer by Layer

Combine multiple data layers together to create bivariate maps showing counties weak or strong in all selected values. Overlaying data helps to find and explore regional patterns and possible correlations between health statistics.


Compare Rankings

Any county can be viewed in the context of national, state, and peer group rankings. How does your community compare to the national average? Your state average? Peer cohort counties with similar demographics to your own?