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DraftGeM is an intuitive, data-backed tool to evaluate and compare NFL draft prospects and players. Our Elo-based clarity line and spider charts provide a non-biased view of game performance not available until now.

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Scout, Coach, and GM Friendly

Easy to read elo-based clarity lines that make football sense – no data science degree necessary. Ratings adjust each game based on the performance and strength of the opponent.


Insightful Comparisons

Compare draft picks and players to assess:

  • relative rating
  • length of career
  • game-by-game performance
  • consistency
  • performance trajectory

Drill Down Analysis

Deep insight into big game performance. See which teams each player excelled or struggled against by visualizing their game-by-game performance.


Level Playing Field

Compare current or former players across a wide range of performance metrics. Opponent strength factors normalize our rationgs, enabling true comparisons across conferences.